About Me


I’m a battle-tested marketing pro with a remarkable 26+ years of global experience in brand, marketing, and advertising. My expertise is in challenges status quo to drive business growth, elevate customer experiences, and turn eyeballs into action.

I’m fiercely customer-centric, tirelessly identifying ways to enhance propositions and consumer journeys across all touchpoints. I’m a true advocate for integration, nurturing collective thoughts, ideas, and skills.

I am highly adaptable and have a keen knack for pinpointing the unique selling points (USPs) that set brands apart for my diverse stakeholders. They call me a transformative marketing catalyst, “the force multiplier”, given my ability to create positive change in conversations and amplify brand engagement.

I’m all about creative drive, high performance, and a relentless can-do spirit, dedicated to making things happen.


Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now based in London, UK and occasionally I work out of Pizzo, Italy.

I am 100% brand and marketing trained. A scholarship student, graduated from Lancaster University in 1997 with BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing.

Professional Skills:

  • B2C, B2B, B2B2C (private/ public/ charity/ SaaS)
  • Global marketing expertise (UK, EMEA & ASIA)
  • Marketing client & creative agency background (big/medium corporates, start-ups, scale-ups)
  • Brand/ marketing strategy & planning
  • Integrated campaign go-to-market & reporting
  • Product launch strategy & growth marketing
  • Digital channel activation & optimisation
  • Creative messaging & content creation
  • Lead gen, ABM & event management
  • Sales enablement & internal engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement & management
  • Digital transformation & innovation
  • Change transformation & management
  • Team leadership & networking skills
  • Employee engagement & internal communications
  • Budget management & funding proposals