happy encounters...

In life, you may come across strangers whom you would never meant to meet, if you have not ventured out of you usual norm. They bring you new thoughts, new perspective, new meaning. They are like your guardian angels, sharing their experiences and their wisdom. At times, these encounters give you the inspiration that you have been seeking. Other times, it can be a nudge you needed or simply a laugh. They become your treasured people in your life whom you come to cherish and remember as true friends.

These strangers, I call them... "Happy Accidents".

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I walked into the lift on this beautiful Sunday morning.

In my usual half dazed rushing mode to get to the tube station, I was still trying to buckle down my shoes when the lift lift went up 3 floors, instead of going down to the ground floor. I must have forgotten to press some lift buttons obviously…

In come into the lift, a little girl of 3 years old possibly, or younger. Pretty adorable, blonde girl all dressed up for a day out. While standing in between her grandparents… she suddenly turned around and look at me.

And she said “I am beautiful”… mind you, she was referring to herself, not me!

Being taken a little aback by this surprising comment, I just blinked at her, dumbfounded. And her grandparents was horrified, looked at me apologetically and said to their grandchild… “Holly, you have to wait for people to tell you that you are beautiful”.

And the little girl turned around again and looked at me.. And waited for my response. Though I was still surprised and amused, I told her … “yes, you are very beautiful”.

And just to see her reaction, I quipped in “But, I have pretty shoes”.  And the little girl responded immediately “My shoes are prettier and I have a tiara”. And gave me a very innocent wide-eyed cheeky look, daring me to challenge her claim.

Ok, she won, obviously! 

I was totally taken by the little girl’s confidence at that age. And her determination to stick to what she believe is true. That she actually would claim out to a stranger in a lift “I am beautiful”.

Would you do the same ?

Maybe we should all try that, the next time we are in a lift!

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